Linux Shell Scripting


In the course, the participants gain a solid basic understanding of shell constructs and concepts. They learn to create their own shell scripts, understand existing scripts, and adapt these to new requirements.


Good understanding of the main commands and user application in Linux and the Linux system administration.

Target Audience

This course is intended for software developers, administrators, and other users who want to acquire basic shell programming skills.

  • Introduction
    • Shells
    • Types of Unix Shells
    • Advantages of Shell Scripts
  • Bash Basics
    • Initialization Files
    • Login Shells, Non-Login Shells
    • Aliases, Variables
    • Working with Variables
    • Important Internal Bash Variables
    • Command History
    • Input and Output Channels
    • Redirection to Files
    • The here Operator
    • Feeding Output to Another Process
    • Duplicating the Output with tee
    • Types of Commands
    • Quoting
    • Substitution and Expansion
    • Variable Substitution
    • Filename Expansion(File Globbing)
    • Command & Arithmetic Substitution
    • Command-Line Interpretation
    • Command Separators
  • Basic Script Elements 1 (Input,Output)
    • Program Flow Charts
    • General Considerations
    • Producing Output From a Script
    • Reading User Input
    • Simple Operation with Variables
    • Basic Strings Operation
    • Arithmetic Operations
    • Regular Expressions
  • Basic Script Elements 2(Control Structures)
    • Simple Branching With if
    • Short Form of if
    • Multiple Branch with case
    • Iterations and Loops
    • Looping with while and until
    • Processing a List with for
    • Exiting From a Loops
    • Exiting from the Current Loop
    • Iteration with continue
    • Exiting from the Loop with break
  • Advanced Scripting Techniques
    • Reading input with read
    • Shell Functions
  • Useful utilities for Shell Scripts
    • cat, cut, date, grep, egrep, sed, test, tr, awk
  • Special Variable Substitution Operators for Bash

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